Grovers stock list runs to 30 pages or more, and the AIRR stock list is even much greater. Below we list the main categories and some examples of products, but it is always best to discuss your needs with our team before ordering.

Agronomy Services

  • Our professional agronomist Adam Slater knows our district and is available to visit you and advise you throughout the year.

Animal health and livestock requirements, including:

  • Animal health items, drenches, flea, mite and pest control, vaccines,
  • Supplements, and specialist items
  • Produce and feed products
  • NLIS tags
  • A wide range of dog, cat, and chook food and equine needs

Crop management and protection, including;

  • Herbicides and woody weed control
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Seed, from the full range of Australian suppliers, with advice
  • Nutrients, supplements, and other agchem and pasture chemicals
  • Fertiliser, including MAP, DAP, blends, single super, urea, deliverable in small bags or bulker bags as required
  • Agent for Ahrens field bins and silos